Bike Kitchen Brno (BKB)

BKB is an open community bicycle workshop. You can visit us, repair or build your bike, cook and eat, organize an event such as film screening or just chill. The place is run by a community of volunteers in a non-hierarchical way.

We stand against any form of racism, fascism, sexism and homophobia. All refugees and genders are welcome.

We are open:
Tuesday & Thursday 17:00–20:00

Přízova 2, 602 00, Brno, Czechia

What do we do?

Need to fix your bike?

Great! We have lots of reused components and some brand new ones. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. We will help you but do not expect regular repair service. Be sure to ask other visitors for help. You can help them with their bikes, too.

Buying a bike or even need one just for your stay in Brno?

Yep, we do this. Come, see and try different bikes for a reasonable price.

Wanna cook?

Good to hear. Please, note that we cook strictly vegan meals. Contact us at at least one week in advance.

Boredom in Brno? Do something!

We love events in BKB. Check our Facebook and see what is going on. Our living room hosted different workshops, discussions and movie screenings. All power to the imagination. Tell us about your idea at